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I'm Joseph and I create, mix, master, and produce

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I create free-use music for creators

The current state of music licensing and monitization is abysmal and quite frankly, unsustainable. I’m cutting out the crap, creating the best music I can, and giving it away for anyone to use for any purpose.

Got a podcast or YouTube channel? Do you livestream? Making screencasts, indy movies, or video games? Go ahead, use my music. If you choose to support me on Patreon, you can get access to variations, alternate lengths, loops, and bonus tracks every month.

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Joseph on Stage
Check out a few full-length samples!
Joseph’s ability to crank out truly fantastic, original music is impressive. It's about time someone changed the way music is licensed.
— Jack M, Founder & Designer @ Wilderborn
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Custom Tracks

If you like my music and range of styles, I am available for custom, exclusive tracks. Just let me know what you need, like, and how long you want it to be.

I can create bumpers, stems, stings, and other types of package variations.

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