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My services and skills are available for hire. I can work remotely, have availability, and can turn projects around quickly. Get in touch!

Custom Themes

Need a short and punchy theme song for your podcast, YouTube channel, tv show, or video project? Tired of generic stock music or spending hours scrolling pages in music databases? No worries, I got you covered. I can create exactly what you're looking for.

I specialize in 15-30 second custom and exclusive bumpers and stings in a variety of styles in order to make your project stand out.

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Custom Background Music

Maybe what you really need is some good background music to accompany your project and add the perfect atmosphere. I can create full songs and repeating audio loops designed to perfectly complement your project without ever getting in the way.

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Recording your own song or album? That’s awesome. Allow me to take it to the next level. As an experienced audio engineer and certified Pro Tools Operator with a musician’s ear, I can mix your songs to a professional level and allow your music to shine to its fullest potential. Just give me a few tips on the sound you’re looking for and let me do the rest.

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Most people don't love staring at waveforms all day with a scissor tool. But I do. Working on a podcast or audiobook? I can get rid of all those pesky pops, mess ups, and unnecessary breaths and leave you with a well-organized, clean, and concise product.

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Mastering has been (quite-fairly) labeled as a “dark art”. It’s the last stop for tweaking the sound of you music at a top level – balancing the sound and loudness of songs across an entire album and carefully raising the volume and loudness to industry standard levels. It's finicky and requires a very subtle and trained ear.

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Arranging & Recording

You have a song. The lyrics and melody are good. You have the basic chord progression and maybe even a guitar or piano part. You want to make it a full band arrangement, but are having trouble. That’s where I come in. In fact, this is what I love. I can arrange your music for a full band in nearly any style. Maybe you want to arrange the song for a full orchestra? I can do that too.

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