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I Am Joseph McDade

A musician in a world full of musicians. Wish me luck.

As a musician (a music do-er, "maker of music", "man-o-music"), audio engineer, lover of too many styles of music, and follower of many channels and podcasts, it’s not hard for me to see the importance and need of music in every aspect of our lives. As a music-school grad, I know all too well how much of a nightmare not only music licensing is, but the music industry in general. That class was painful.

So I’m making high-quality music - as simply and as excellently as I know how - for creators and even give some of it away license free.

I am an experienced Pro Tools™ certified audio engineer. Need a theme song or background music? Maybe an editing, mixing, or mastering engineer? I’m your guy.

I’m pursuing my passion. Let me help you pursue yours.

Joseph in Ireland

This is me sitting on a rock.